Giuliano Orlando




In love for languages, cities and cultures.

I’m a traveler, philosopher, expert on film and theatre with a long experience in the fine arts.


Originally from the ancient city of Pompeii, I moved to Rome to advance my academic career. During my undergraduate studies, I moved to Greece for the Erasmus Project. Upon graduation, I moved to Spain where i worked in hospitality and tourism as gourmet guide. I was then given the opportunity to live in Brazil and advance my language skills while immersing myself in a rich culture.



Based in Lisbon and native from Venice, Italy

After a journey in Portugal in 2007 I committed to the pleasant harmony between nature, history and the lack of frenzy which distinguish this Country.

I can count on a long experience as a tourist guide in my hometown and abroad, and I’ve always been working on a tight contact with tourists both as an airport operator and as an hotels staff representative.

I love to carry out my job outdoor and help people joining the beauty of the places that I discovered first, giving as much information as I have and trying to transmit my passion for traveling.

Stefano Busetto
Chiar Missaggia



I’m a videomaker, photographer and musician. Originally from Vicenza (Italy), before moving to Lisbon in 2016 I lived for four years in the beautiful city of Venice, where I attended Bachelor and Master studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, graduating in New Technologies for the Arts.

In love with colors, shapes, sounds, new people and new places, when I arrived in Lisbon I was supposed to stay only for 4 months. But with its energy this city definitely stole my heart, and I ended up prolonging my stay and coloring my hair of the same color of its beautiful sky. 


In this period of time I discovered a lot of secrets about this magic city, and I am really excited to share them all with new travelers!



I was born in a small village in the province of Vicenza (Italy), a beautiful and uncontaminated place that shaped my curiosity and love for nature. The breathtaking views and the popular stories about magical creatures  of my place were the base of my childhood.

My personality is sunny and talkative, I really like the interchange between people from different countries with different cultures because diversity is something that captures my interest.

I focused my studies on foreign languages and cultures, both European and Chinese, and Portuguese was just the last language since I moved to Lisbon.

When I came here the city was completely unknown to me and the Country as well. I started to discover them as a child and day by day I felt more familiar and more exctited in doing that.

My aim as a guide is to transmit my feelings of freedom and happiness when I walk around Lisbon. History and art are also involved in the past and present of this town and I’ll be glad to make people get involved with that.

Stefano Busetto
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I’m an official Tour Leader and thanks to this job I got to know a lot about Portugal and finally fall in love with Lisbon.


So I moved here and made this beautiful city my home.


I’m originally from a small town in the province of Udine, Friuli Venezia Giulia, but always had those itchy feet.


I lived in the USA, London and Spain and traveled to many other countries.


My current interests apart from getting to know every single corner of Lisbon, are nutrition and aerial sports.


So far I speak 3 languages and a half (IT, ES, ENG,...) and my goal is to reach 5.

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