Booking policy

Reservations for the free walking tours are, of course, free of charge but recommended for organizational reasons. For our paid tours, the full amount will be charged by the moment of the booking. Despite a minimum number of people is not required, we want to be sure we never exceed 10 people in each group.

Cancellation policy

If you decide to change your plans and you don't wanna attend our tour anymore no cancellations is required. Even thought we'd appreciate if you let us know, for the same organizational reasons above mentioned.

Booking for groups of students or private groups

As long we don't reach the maximum number or people allowed (15) you can always contact us to check the availability. In case of groups that already exceed the maximum allowed we will confirm you the availability of a private guide only for your group. In case of students, 1 professor each 10-15 student is required.

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